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Amv making

2013-11-03 01:21:46 by Punisher33

Now that i'm back into amv making. when i finally extract the Vocals from what i need to extract. i can begin.


2013-08-11 01:12:39 by Punisher33

If any one would like to see the series continued, Please let me know even though i only have 6 fans, I've been doing a lot of practicing, though i forgot a lot of my 3d skills due to health issues and stuff like that, things got real bad for me. if you guys would like to see how goku Serena and all of them met, please let me know. I will continue the series only at requests.

update on all my health

2013-01-16 06:21:57 by Punisher33

i have several mental disorders several health issues that need to be tended too. my doctors advized me agents any very stressful activities which is why i have not posted anything or anything else like that. same with my therapist. untill the bottom of all my issues get settled i need to put everything on pause so thought i should give you an update on everything. i will see every one later.

Okay guys

2012-11-19 14:41:12 by Punisher33

I will be back. but health has to come first. this is not a joke for me right now doctor said to put everything on hold and relax and wait for the results so. i did and i went on a date the works i'm feeling better but i'm waiting on blood work.

post poned

2012-11-05 05:11:06 by Punisher33

I'm post poning episode 3 of the rise of chaos. i'm currently experencing some health issues and they need to come first. seriously is over stressed not just that. but all my projects.

that one thing

2012-11-03 21:04:05 by Punisher33

I wish i knew what that one thing was when it comes to animation. i have all the basics down. but when it comes to that one thing it drives me crazy and it makes me obsessive. and the main reason why i blast main stream stuff is because it made alvin earth worm quit and i hated that. i really do.

The rules

2012-11-03 05:09:10 by Punisher33

I fallow all the rules of animation even putting in the tweening. because it's not main stream shit people gotta be spiteful. especially old partner. won't go into details. but just because something is not giving you that wet dream because it's not main stream trash. people who steal are the worst. i create my stuff from nothing and that does not even get credit? how can you call people like that people? i have ever reason to be pissed off. i bust my ass for months. months. and i get the same shit. i fallow the rules of animation. the works. what more do you want? ya want blood ya sick fucks. i'm dislexic deal with it. give other shit a chance other than the same suspects on this site. i do everything i can to make people happy. there always has to be something wrong. no matter how much i make sure it's all right. there always has to be something wrong.

It's up guys

2012-11-02 20:56:29 by Punisher33

It's up guys. enjoy it.

ep 2

2012-10-29 08:34:30 by Punisher33

Is very nervus about episode 2. i really went all out. way more on this one than any previous episode I've done in the past. episode 1 with voices are working. but i'm still nervus.

New york

2012-10-27 04:41:41 by Punisher33

Pray for me i have a very dangerous hurricane heading my way. i will try to finish the episode before the storm arrives. but i can't make promises on that. i'm still looking for sfx.